Monday, October 5, 2020

Glass Cleaner

I want to share a good use for glass cleaner with you

I was struggling before I tried this simple "hack"
I was trying to clean my 20 or so year old "Rolling Storage" today, the 1 made out of plastic with 3 clear drawers that I have next to my PC. It has a lot of grime from smoking, dust, pet dander, etc.. I usually just do a quick wipe down. It looked so discolored, almost an orange like color to it. that I felt the need to give it a good cleaning.
 I was scrubbing with lemon pine-sol for quite some time w/o any luck. And then I remembered videos of plastic fans being washed with glass cleaner that I saw on YouTube. What the heck, I've got nothing to lose, so I grabbed my cheap dollar store glass cleaner with ammonia & sprayed it on the discolored white cart...
Holy Moly! I was shocked. It cut through the caked on "top coat" so to speak, that I had to share my experience with you.
It looks a little off-white to me, but what a difference.

I did gently scrub the nooks & crannys  with an old toothbrush. You can see in the bottom of pic after I sprayed what happened & which areas I cleaned, or didn't.
Go ahead, wipe down the outside of your fridge or try it on patio furniture where you can spray it off with a hose. Try it out on plastic outdoor chairs.
I hope the helps you to rubberize your money by using something we all have on hand. Not sure if vinegar glass cleaner has same or similar effect, the $1 USD "Home Store" brand is the 1 I use on my windows & mirrors.
May you all have a great day,
Moolah Mom

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