Monday, October 26, 2020

Stir Sh** Crazy @ Home

Things to do while you're suck @ home 🏠

Hello Everyone,
This is just my thoughts on being stuck at home during this time.
I hope you & yours are safe & well, but going stir crazy within your 4 walls.
Bet you're sick of catching up on your favorite T.V. shows, I know I am.
What to do?....
Take free courses online: programming/coding, how to start a biz etc...
Finally get to the "Honey Do" list you've been putting off
Volunteer at your local animal rescue or shelter, maybe even foster special needs or older cats & dogs
Start you own informative channel on your favorite subject

Get rid of unwanted items thought online selling/auction sites

For those wanting to spruce up their home without paying a lot I have some easy to do ideas that will give you a change of scenery.
Paint your office or bedroom, bright colors in your workspace will help with stimulating your brain to be more productive & cooler/soothing colors for bedroom to help you relax
Cover your furniture with washable slip-covers

Get a colorful mat for your kitchen, or for the front door

Put up bright curtains

Apply cheap decals or stickers to your cabinets, fridge, even your toilet tank (AliExpress has 1s with animals breaking out of porcelain, it's too f'n cute)
If you're interested in inexpensive, I mean Cheap, products to brighten up your home please leave a comment below & I will search AE for you & put it in reply (maybe some1 else is looking for it as well 😉) Or maybe you seek a hard to find item.

 That's it for today my fellow money rubberizers. May you all stay in good spirits & let me know if I can assist you in any way.

Lots of luv 💟 & hugs 🤗 from your Moolah Mom

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