Sunday, November 15, 2020

Comfortable Bras

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Stretch Comfort Bras Are Perfect For Lounging or Sleeping

Running Errands or Shopping With Me @Home
With the new technology of knitting, seamless bras have become popular for women who are: in between sizes, getting smaller or thinner with age, fluctuate (breasts become fuller or a little heavier)with hormones & weight due to their "cycle", are uncomfortable wearing a bra with adjustable straps & hooks or just want to be able to wash by hand or in a lingerie bag w/o fear of their brassieres becoming warped in the wash.
You're probably wondering "How do bras have anything to do with rubberizing my money?"
Let me ask you 1 question: How much do you spend on bras? Do you pay upwards of $50 for 1, or are you possibly wearing 1's that have no support or are shot due to the fact they are so expensive?
Did you know that a lot of retailers or resellers usually have a manufacturer in China that just applies the retailer's brand or label to the products?
For example, you may pay around $30 for 1 stretch bra sold from a US mail-order company or online retailer.
I am certain this reseller offers the exact bras you can purchase from AliExpres: 

List Price $60, $29.97. Non-AliExpress seller
For $2.03 - $2.98USD  with free shipping from China. First time customers get $2.00 off coupon with 1 order. (You may only order 1 item to use coupon, try it, if you like then order more)
*For some reason seller has Nude as yellow & no sizing in product description. If you're unsure of size, send me message & I will do my best to help you. I am 32/34 A/B & I ordered Medium.
 Enjoy your day, xxoo Moolah Mom

Sizes S(32A/B)-3x(40/DDD-46/C) Qty.1 $0.03WITH $2 New Customer Coupon - $2.98

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