Wednesday, November 18, 2020

My 2nd AliExpress Order

Another Order Came From AliExpress

This is part of order number 2
My first order came in approx. 3 weeks, this time I ordered 3 items from 3 different sellers. 1 Power strip, a screwdriver set for maintaining my PC &  a large quilted-like zippered storage box with carrying handles.
I was in need of a power strip for my PC,speaker & lamp electrical cords so I looked for about 2 weeks online for a 6-outlet strip with a long cord.
Boy was I surprised to find that they cost around $30-$40 for 1! 😞 I will not pay that kind of money, ok if it was made of white gold & encrusted with gems maybe,lol. 😜
This time it took a month for my order to come, might be due to holiday season approaching?
As far as the screwdriver set, right after I ordered it, I was sent a message from the seller (which I did not get a notification for or an email from AliExpress stating I had a message regarding an order I placed) requesting me to cancel my order due to the fact there was a quality issue with the production batch, they would not sent it to me. Yet, AliExpress stated my payment went through & it was shipped. ?? 😕
Motherly advice, please check after you place orders in A.Express "messages" in your account so as not to go through what I am dealing with now. Requested refund, we'll see how long it takes.
Back to the power strip. It's UL listed & from a registered electrical manufacturing company. Better than I expected for $15 or so USD.
Here is a pic of my latest delivered product from AliExpress.
*BTW-US outlets are hard to come by, UK-European, 1's with USB ports are very popular within A.Express. If you're in need of something, let me know & I will do my best to find you high quality @ the lowest cost.

LITESUN 1 meter long corded 6-outlet power strip, writing on top of strip says"SURGE PROTECTION De SURTENSION" which is over-voltage protection                 
May you have a great day,
Moolah Mom

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