Monday, November 30, 2020

My 3rd AliExpress Order

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My Order Came Really Fast

I ordered Jerrinut Seamless Bras w/o removable inserts on 11/14/20. I received my package on 11/23/20 via SFExpress.

Being between a 32-34 A/B I ordered size Medium due to Chinese made garments run a size smaller compared to US sizing. It fits nicely on me.

It is so comfortable, smooth & well made. For less than $3 per bra I was not expecting the quality of bras that cost $15 or more. (I purchased directly from a supplier in China, so of course I paid very little for it compared to me buying it from a US reseller. doh) 

It offers non constrictive under bust support from the way it is manufactured. In between the cups, above the bottom band there is a certain fabric weave that runs under each cup to provide light support for sleeping, doing chores, or just being home.

These seamless bras are comparable to the Genie or Ahhh bras, but more comfortable.  The material is 90% nylon & 10% elastane.

Numerous stores within AliExpress have them priced from about $2 US & up. They do not have a brand name, since they are made for suppliers & stores.

For more info. on these bras & where to purchase go to this post:

Seamless stretch comfy bras 

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