Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Carpet Sweeper

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 Most pet owners' number 1 peeve regarding having a furry baby is fur all over: the beds, chairs, sofa & floors
 I've found a solution for all of us pet Moms & Dads that easily cleans non-wood floors while helping to rubberize your money by not wasting electricity, using so-called pet hair carpet brooms, or purchasing vacuums that either have low suction or are hard to clean hair out of.
It's called "Cleanhome Carpet Floor Sweeper" from All-Link Store.  Simple to use & comes with a hair removing tool for the roller if it does get covered in hair, string etc... that conveniently snaps onto the base of the handle. Cleans all sorts of debris: spilled hard candy from messy children, leaves/grass on front door mat, everyday fuzz/lint on rugs, refresh rugs/carpets (try sprinkling a little baking soda or carper refresher, wait 5-15 min. & use sweeper to cut pet or household odors, not from walking around with smelly socks on, not our children).
42.52"tall,11"W x 7.87"L & from bottom to top of sweeper base is 2.76" with bumper around it. Cannot tell if it's plastic or rubber, looks like hard plastic to me, just be cautious around furniture, especially table legs.
Special price 50% off + get seller coupons & free shipping to US from China, expect about 1 month for delivery, if not a little longer due to the global situation we're going through.

$28.64 USD,5 colors to choose from,e-z to clean


*Please note this carpet sweeper is only for carpeted floors & rugs. If you would like a sweeper made for all flooring, including wooden & tiled, you may check out link below. It is a little smaller in size compared to the carpet sweeper.

 9"W floor sweeper,$28.64 USD free ship. from China

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