Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Magic Flat Mop

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Quick ? Why do you hate, or dread mopping your floors? 
Is it because of the strain it puts on your back, or arms trying to squeeze the water out? Maybe you just don't like the fact of lifting a cumbersome stick or sprayer type mop to remove a dirty, excuse me here-just being honest with you, always pad off the bottom that costs money to keep replacing. Let alone the special "floor cleaning solution" you have to keep purchasing in order to use the mop. You can't just push around a dry maxi on your floor & expect it to be clean, now would you? lol
 I have found a great alternative to traditional, so-called "time saving", floor dusting & "modern" type mops such as 1's that spin or have the "car wash" type material; that's going to save you not only time mopping, but money & space as well. 
For less than $20 USD with free shipping from China you can have your very own "Magic Squeeze Flat Mop" from oceanshop Store in about 3 wks. to a month.
 Now, let's get onto this terrific mop. I am so excited to share this with you... 
You'll get the mop 6"x12.5"x53.5" & 2 washable microfiber pads with the following features: 
easy assembly 
cleans all types of hard flooring 
pivots 360° 
self extracting of water & debris 
self-standing takes up a few inches 
get under tables,beds, dressers, maybe sofas depending on feet height 
use as a dry duster for wood floors clean baseboards 
freedom to use your cleaning solution preference whether it be vinegar, Lysol, pine-sol etc. or plain water 
For Only $18.84 USD No More wringing or heavy mop buckets, can fit in a plastic dish pan (8 qt. from $1 stores, or larger) or shoe box sized plastic box.
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Self extracting mop with 2 mop heads

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