Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Natural Soap

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This all natural soap made my skin soft & hydrated

No more dried out tight skin from showering.

I just used BIOAQUA's "Handmade Oil Soap" for the first time & here's my experience:
I wet my whole body with warm water & rubbed the bar into a wet washcloth, then proceeded to rub onto my skin. I then tried with my hands to rub the soap all over (it had a nice smooth & creamy consistency to it, not foamy or soapy like chemical products) & then used the washcloth to help loosen dead skin cells & help cleanse my pores. Rubbing with hands & then using the washcloth worked better for me.
I let sit on my skin for a good minute or 2 to allow the nourishing ingredients to make my skin moisturized. (It states on box to let sit on skin for 2-5 min.) I just rinsed with warm water. It washed off easily & b/c it didn't foam or soap, my skin did not feel like slime was left on it, just water droplets.
I patted dry, to feel as if I used a dry body oil spray w/o greasiness. My skin was so soft, smooth & hydrated. All I can say is I did not expect that result after 1 use!
I have tried many different moisturizing bar soaps popular in the U.S. & they either dry my skin out, burn, leave strange residue on my skin, smell bad or feel like I washed in Crisco-YUCK! The only 1 I can use is the  O.Of O. brand, which is not all natural like BIOAQUA's oil soap.
I paid $3.72 for the Jasmine scent, which I posted about & have a picture of here: My 1st AliExpress Order with Natural Soap
Even though I got Free Shipping, I found a better bargain to share with you.
Yinhan Skincare Store has limited scents @ $2.43 + $1.18 Shipping to the U.S. via Cainiao Super Economy (which is how my order came in 20 days) total $3.61 USD, every little bit saved counts.

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