Saturday, February 20, 2021

This should be called amazing

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Hello All,
Sorry I haven't been on much lately, we had a loss due to the pandemic + I was focusing on my health & needed to undergo a procedure.
Now that things are calming down a bit I just wanted to touch upon something that's been plaguing me for over 20 years now - getting the darned limescale & calcium deposits OFF the fiberglass shower doors. 🛁
I mean the old, textured type that I've tried everything I could think of on, only to have it look a little better. 😞
Being unable to scrub them due to severe muscle aching/pain/heaviness & cramping for many years, hence the procedure I went through recently, I on a whim tried a melamine sponge that I waited a month for. I honestly thought it really wouldn't do much since not much had any real noticeable difference. 
I barely applied pressure and started wiping when I noticed a milky substance appearing where I was rubbing on the door. I took the sponge away to notice that the grey buildup was gone from that area. Huh? When I rinsed with clear water it was like years of mineral & soap scum buildup disappeared like magic, hence the name of melamine sponges "Magic Sponge".
I think they should be called "Amazing Wondrous Sponge Melts Years Of Grime Right Before Your 👀"! 
Try them & see for yourself how they not only save time cleaning, but are not harmful like calcium/limescale removers. Oh, and for those with allergies or autoimmune & other health concerns, please use gloves if you're afraid the foam may irritate your skin. 
*Please note I tried to take a pic to show you the difference, but for some reason my pics come out grainy. Am using a cheap kids cam for now since it has bunny ears & reminds me of 1 of the twins & his nose twitches like the Cadbury Bunny too. Furry kids, gotta 💓 them*
20 Magic Sponges

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