Rubberizing Money:"An act of stretching your shopping budget, or monies spent on purchases as if your money is made out of rubber"-E.A.Libby 7/11/20

Rubberize Money is geared towards online shoppers that miss the old 5¢ & 10¢ stores from years ago, that search for those great values in today's time. 

A lot of the items being discussed here are products offered for sale through AliExpress. They have many natural & hard to find items within their marketplace consisting of global sellers, with over 200,000 Chinese mfr. or exporters alone. 
Most of the items I've seen for sale are a lot lower than other online sellers. Probably b/c they're getting their inventory to resell from AliExpress !
Hot sales & specials including $2 off a $3 order for NEW customers $0.01 & above items, limit 1 for new members. 
I ordered a PURC sulfate-free, natural shampoo bar for $0.39 (reg. $5.20 USD in AliE.) with free shipping. PURC's website sells the same bar, "Organic Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar" on sale for $12.99 *reg. $15.99). For 1 bar! So what I may have to wait an extra week or so to have it delivered from China. To pay less than the price the US sales division charges, is worth it to me! And free shipping to boot.
 I want Rubberize Money to be a place to highlight my favorite online finds, to offer my viewers/subscribers the best deals that help to rubberize their money: through price point, reliability of seller, shipping time, product information & my honest reviews of products if I use them myself for personal or household use.
So please check out this blog, subscribe & share. 
I am so excited to start rubberizing our money together, your friend & fellow savvy online shopper Moolah Mom 😍 
*Please note I am an affiliate for AliExpress, & even though I may be partial to Ali, I do order from them & believe in the value of products being offered to you within Rubberize Money.