Oil Soap

 BIOAQUA, founded in 2009, is one of the top selling cosmetics & beauty brands in Asia.

I have been using their Jasmine Oil soap for a few months now to wash my face & give my body the hydration it needs w/o using harsh chemicals.

This is my top body & facial cleaning bar after trying so many other glycerin based & mild cleansing soap & body washes.

The "Jasmine Handmade Soap" that I use contains: stearic acid, lauric acid, water, sorbitol, glycerin, propylene glycol, sucrose, jasmine extract, sodium hydroxide & essence.

To be honest, other than glycerin, sodium hydroxide & water, I wasn't exactly sure what those ingredients were. All I did know is soap & body washes, facial gels/cleanser/bars with sodium tallowate &/or sodium palmitate (even when combined with glycerin & water), made my skin irritated,dry & uncomfortable to be in.

I'm just going to give you a quick breakdown of the ingredients in BIOAQUA's Jasmine scented Oil Soap so you may be more familiar with them & can make a more informed decision when purchasing for your skin care needs. Whether it be through my site or elsewhere because knowledge is empowerment.

Stearic Acid - long-chain fatty acid, when used in soaps or cosmetics it may be coconut or palm oil, softens & smooths skin

Lauric Acid - medium-chain fatty acid mostly from coconut & palm kernel oil, that has anti-microbial properties & calms inflamed skin 

Water -  to cause the saponification process, water causes the Sodium Hydroxide or "lye" to dissolve and makes the fatty acids become usable & beneficial in soap

Sorbitol - sugar alcohol which hydrates skin & prevents drying

Glycerin - a carbohydrate commonly called a "sugar alcohol" or "polyol", hydrates skin while drawing moisture from within the layers below the epidermis to reduce appearance of dry lines & wrinkles, basically it "plumps" the skin 

Propylene Glycol - humectant, used to be made from petroleum, now a days more manufactures are making for corn or sugar cane, cannot find what actual form BIOAQUA uses, but they do state on box "Soap Build Plants Clean The Skin Of Dirt Grease"

Sucrose - sugar which causes soap to lather, while offering anti-microbial & antioxidant properties

Jasmine Extract - has antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungus properties, helps balance moisture in skin, has a light pleasant smell, unlike the gold/amber colored facial bars I've used in the past ;-)

Sodium Hydroxide - also called lye causes soap to lather & helps maintain proper pH balance for skincare products, it also helps the oils & fats turn into soap

Essence - I'm not exactly sure if they mean Jasmine Essence, or as some manufactures do, use kaolin clay to make scent of Oil Soap last longer

With so many people suffering with skin problems & discomfort, I want to help all be able to feel good in your skin, like I am in mine. xoxo

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