Skin Dilemma?

 Many people suffer with skin conditions from Abscesses to Zoster (Shingles a.k.a. Herpes Zoster). I myself suffer from extremely dry skin & a IgG Subclass 1 Deficiency.

I do take certain vitamins, minerals & supplements to keep my immune system as healthy & strong as it can be, but my skin was still dry & my hair, which started falling out when I was 20 due to an infection, is as fine as baby hair. It was so thick & straight, no amount of supplements would help. 

I've heard for years the negative effects on sulfates, especially in shampoos & how they can cause hair loss, scalp irritation & so forth. I figured it was just a lot of media hype because known hair care brands in the US were coming out with sulfate-free shampoos.

To make a long story short, after purchasing & using 1 oil soap bar & 1 shampoo bar from China, I feel so comfortable in my skin & my hair hasn't been falling out & feels healthier, I am making it my mission to help others find chemical free skin & hair solutions with confidence through Rubberize Money.

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