I believe in saving time & money when it comes to shopping online. By ordering through 1 site for many items I need for my personal care, household needs & pet care @ the lowest possible cost I can find.

I am looking for suggestions on what you want to see being discussed & promoted here that you want to save money on, such as:

  • Natural cleansers for hair & body, anti-aging treatments

  • Clothing for your family, shoes

  • Storage & organizers for your: kitchen/closets/office/laundry& bathroom/make-up

  • Electronic & PC items: power strips with or w/o USB ports, game units for kids & adults w/over 400 games, usb flash drive, gaming PC's + much more

  • Sofa protectors/slipcovers, curtains, rugs, bedding, decorative pillows

  • Specialty items such as: skin tag remover wands (the 1's being deomo'd in videos), portable laundry washers & machines, skull ice cube mold,  usb ultrasonic washers for dishes/laundry/fruit, exhaust fans

 Please leave your suggestions in the comment box, or you may contact me through Contact Moolah Mom to right ---->

Thank you for taking the time to read the above.I welcome you to my moolah saving family a.k.a. Moolah Monster Family.

Enjoy your day,

((hugs)) Moolah Mom

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